Monday, March 2, 2009

Is spring on its way?!?

Its soooooooo nice out today!! The suns shining, the snows melting, I went outside without a jacket and wasnt cold at all!! Ahhhh, soo nice! I'm definately ready for spring!!!
Ive lost/misplaced the cable to upload pics from my own camera somewhere in my house (I hope anyways)! Ive been trying to get things organized for moving and it's been put somewhere. I borrowed my boyfreinds camera today to take a picture of the look I did. Nothing super fancy, just a simple day look. I was viewing a freinds pics on facebook of her trip in Austrailia, and I thought I would do something kinda with a beach feeling'ish (think sand an water)! I plan on doing something like this again alot more dramatic...this is very much a simple look!

Hopefully tomorrow I will hunt down that cord, today I really dont feeling like it. Im also contemplating what I want to buy at my MAC visit coming up later this week when I go to Sask!!

What are your MAC cant live withouts right now?!?

Revelon Colour Stay Foundation in Buff
Covergirl Cheekers to contour
Quo blush in Entice

MAC Warming Trend es
MAC Aquadisiac es
MAC Club es
Maybelliene Collasal Mascara in Glamerous Black
Urban Decay Liquid liner in Perversion

Palmers Coco Butter chapstick
MAC Dazzleglass in Money Honey (My fave)
excuse the first two pics they are a tad purpley looking cuz of my bedroom color...I took the last two in my car for better color quality!


Shayla said...

I like this! It's nice and soft...looks great! I have all the colors, too, so I'll have to try and recreate this sometime! :)

Shadowy Lady said...

I love this look on you :) it's making me think of spring too. It's freakin cold in Ottawa today though, -27!!! :(

Sexy Sadie said...

Looking good!