Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hair..before,after and extensions!!!

Im back from my little trip with the BF!! Had sooo much fun at the hockey game!! I actually didnt buy much at all while I was there, makeup or clothes wise...I was pretty dissapointed! I think the fact I was super hung over had something to do with it, I just wasnt into the shopping thing!! But I will post what I did buy soon! How many other are Sephora Beauty Insiders or whatever. I got talked into getting another card for my wallet, but Im curious if anyone has reaped any benefits from it??
Anywho, I got my hair done a few weeks ago, and never took after shots until recently so I thought I would start by posting them! Excuse the stupid faces I am making well as the roundness of my face...most people dont notice it at all, but its a side affect called 'Moon Face' caused by the medication Im on. Enjoy!!

The Before Shot (eg of stupid faces I make...its so hot isnt it?! lol)

After Shots (basically shorter and darker)

Then a shot with my clip in extensions.


Beda said...

Look who's talking about hair! You look really good with both haircolors. But wow! You look really different with the extensions! I really like it. I saw some hair extensions (clip) at the Sally Beauty supply website and I will probably get like red or blue ones, just for fun.

Any tips on how to work them? My hair can get very straight like yours and I am afraid they will fall off.