Sunday, February 15, 2009


So here I go again starting this blog, after all my past enteries vanished! Thank goodness I didnt have tons of tons of pictures and enteries, but it was something. Im taking it as a chance to have a fresh start!! This is my year of fresh starts I believe!! So I took the time to play around and create a prettyful title graphic for my "new blog" , and now I can start making actual enteries!!!
I do (still) have tons of pictures of looks and stuff to post! And a ton of time on my hands to create some new looks and such! This year so far has been pretty crazy, and its turning out to be pretty exciting too!
So stay tuned for lots more to come, and I actually mean it this time!!!



Beda said...

Hi! Man that sucks. I don't understand how that could have happened to you. I would like to know if Blogger erases blogs posts if someone hasn't added a new post for quite sometime. Did you email them?