Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coastal Scents 88 Palette

YAY!!!! My Coastal Scents 88 Palette (the regular NOT shimmer) came!! Actually it came while I was away apartment shopping in Sask! I ordered it last monday, and it came on thursday, from Florida to BC Canada..4 Days! So Impressed!! And it came all in one piece, well packaged and all that!!!

As for my thoughts! I love it!! Most of the shadows are matte texture, only a few have a small amount of sparkleness to them. They have great color pay off for the price for sure...I personally dont believe that they are quite as high quality as MAC's as some people have said in regards to color pay off and blendability...they arent bad by any means, just not quite up to MAC's par!! They are pretty tiny, Id say 4 of them probably make up a MAC shadow. Some colors blend better then other, but overall its good quality for the price you pay!!
I was a little intimidated by it once I first recieved it, it took me a few was just so prettyful I didnt want to wreck it! lol! It was alot of fun when I dove in though!! Many colorful looks will come soon!!!
If anyone wants swatches or what not I will be happy to do them for specific colors in the palette!! Maybe I will just do some eventually anyways!!
Thats it thats all!!



Shadowy Lady said...

I've heard really good stuff about this palette (and the shimmer version). Do you mind doing a quick review once you use the colours?

Beda said...

I love the colors in that palette, so many options, endless posibilities and long hours just playing, lol.

How have you liked it?

Catanya said...

Wow! Love this blog! I am following you now!