Monday, February 23, 2009

Blahh...winters getting to me

Im definately suffering from seasonal depression! Im SOOOOOO jelous of all my freinds who have gone on vacation! Everyones facebook albums are pictures of them in tropical paradise...Cancun, Cuba, Jamaica, The Dominican, Cabo...Im dropping mad hints to the boyfriend lol! That is what inspired my look yesterday, it was just grey and gloomy out, so I thought Id mimic that with eyeshadow.
Im not working right now, I had to quit my job when I got really sick and was in the hospital, and havent bothered finding a new one because were moving the end of March (that blog will come soon). So I havent been doing a whole lot with my time, and now I've found myself in this rut of un-motivation and lack of inspiration! How do you get out of ruts when your in them??

Here are the pics from yesterdays grey day that are up on Temptalia.

xo lovelys!!